18/09 No Work ! All Play ! Boardgame Night

18 sept. 2019
19h30 > 23h59
Organisé par Outpost Brussels
cover 18/09 No Work ! All Play ! Boardgame Night - Outpost Brussels
The Outpost Brussels and Boardgame Monkeys are happy to announce another Free Join & Play Boardgame Night in Outpost Brussels. It is open for beginners to advanced boardgamers. And if you're new here it's your perfect gateway to discover Boardgames ! The principle is simple: • Just show up and play ! It starts at 19h30 until Midnight. There are usually around 50+ Players so you'll always find partners with whom to play :)! • Rules will be explained at the start of the evening. No need to study them upfront. • You don't have to bring anything, we have hundreds of demo games available ! • It's FREE !