10/07 Keyforge Mass Mutation Release Event

10 juil. 2020
20h00 > 23h00
Organisé par Outpost Brussels
cover 10/07 Keyforge Mass Mutation Release Event - Outpost Brussels
Break out your keys and aember tokens, its time for some keyforge! We are hosting a sealed event for the release of Mass Mutation. When you join the event you will get one sealed keyforge deck and use that deck to play against different opponents in multiple rounds. This event is great for beginners and experienced players alike. Here are the event details: *When: Friday 10/07 at 20h00 - Registrations start at 19h30 * Format: Sealed * Entry Fee: € 11.50 (Includes 1 Mass Mutation deck in English or French) * Prizes: FFG Prize Kit and 1 extra prize deck per 8 players

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