Tu as sans doute entendu parler du coronavirus COVID-19...
Par décision des autorités fédérales, tout événement récréatif ou culturel est interdit jusqu'au 3 avril. Les bars et restaurants devront rester fermés.
Profite donc de cette hibernation forcée pour revisiter ta ludothèque et resortir les jeux solos / duels / familiaux. ;)
Prends soin de toi et de tes proches!


04/03 Newcomers' Session

04 mars 2020
19h30 > 23h30
Organisé par Outpost Brussels
cover 04/03 Newcomers' Session - Outpost Brussels
First Boardgame Monkeys NEWCOMERS SESSION, dedicated to new players who would like to try out boardgames for the first time or have little experience in them and/or are simply new to our group. Our group of organisers will be waiting for you at the Outpost, with a selection of lighter games, ready to explain the rules and help you spend an enjoyable social evening. Come along, look at the games offered on the spot and sit down to play the one you like best. Participation is free. Just come and join a game. More info on the Meetup page of Boardgame Monkeys Brussels. If you have a Meetup account, and would come, please, sign up for the event there.

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